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Five Ways to Increase the Visibility of your Website

Increase the Visibility of your Website

The visibility of a website is based on the position of the site itself within the search results for keywords. The ranking, or the ranking of search engine results, is based on many aspects; it is, hence, essential to know and take care of them to maximize your visibility.

To understand the significance of your site’s position within search results, you only need to realize that only 30% of users go to the second page of results, also among the users who remain on the first page, almost 70% stop at the first five results out of 10 and look no further. Therefore the saying: “You require a safe area to hide a remains, put it on the second page of Google search results.”

Here are some of our advice to increase your site’s visibility and increase traffic.

1. Google Search Ranking Algorithm

The most used and known is the ranking algorithm created by Google – which is continually evolving – often introducing new rules on the indexing of websites. Staying up to date on these shifts is not easy, but it is essential to improve your visibility constantly. One of the latest changes, for example, is the concern of mobile versions in a priority way compared to web viewing. It is essential to study a responsive design and address mainly smartphones for this basis.

2. Ensure your Website Reliability

In its ranking algorithm, Google gives importance to the reliability of the website. In particular, it is well known that having an SSL certificate, that is, using an HTTPS protocol, improves the site’s positioning. In addition, Google also recognizes the pages dedicated to Privacy and Terms of Service as a trait of trust, rewarding sites that contain these sections.

3. Unique and Innovative Content

A fundamental element for the visibility of the site is its contents. Having unique and engaging content for the user is essential to building good visibility on the web. Copying content from other sites and duplicating them instead significantly penalizes the positioning. Organizing content into well-structured sections earns additional positions within Google’s ranking algorithm.

4. Enhance H1 with Keywords

The keywords, or those that best correspond to the site and its contents, are essential for positioning. An effective influence is provided by the keywords inserted within the H1 tags present in the site’s structure.

5. Website Domain

A factor not to be undervalued to improve your site’s visibility is that of the site’s domain itself. It is recommended to use a TLD (Top Level Domain), which can be at the regional level, “.in” for India, or generic as “.com.” The more extended the period of the domain registration is constant and steady over time, the better the site receives reliability for Google, which rewards it by ensuring visibility.


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