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Google Waves Goodbye to Crawl Rate Limiter: What Does It Mean for Your Website?

Added 24th Jan 2024


Hey there webmasters and SEO enthusiasts! Big news from the Google kingdom – they’re bidding adieu to the Crawl Rate Limiter Tool on Search Console. But don’t hit the panic button just yet; let’s break down what’s happening and how it affects your website.

The Farewell to Crawl Rate Limiter

A Quick History

Fifteen years ago, in the SEO realm of 2008, Google introduced the Crawl Rate Limiter Tool. Its mission? To help publishers manage the pace of Googlebot crawling, preventing it from staging a server takeover.

Why Was It Introduced?

Back in the day, some publishers felt the squeeze of too much crawling, leading to servers playing hard to get with webpages. Enter the Crawl Rate Limiter Tool, a knight in shining armour for those dealing with overwhelmed servers.

The Evolution of Crawling

Why the Tool’s Getting the Boot

Fast forward to 2024, and Google claims its crawling algorithms have become super-smart. Now, Googlebot can sense server stress levels and hit the brakes automatically – no tool intervention is needed.

The Tool’s Quiet Life

Truth be told, the Crawl Rate Limiter was a bit of a loner. Google spilt the tea that it was rarely used, and when it did make an appearance, the crawl rate usually hit rock bottom.

What’s Changing?

With the tool out of the picture, Google is setting the minimum crawling speed at a level similar to what publishers typically request. Translation: Your site’s bandwidth is safe, even without manual tweaking.

A Streamlined Search Console

Less Clutter, More User-Friendly

By bidding farewell to the Crawl Rate Limiter, Google aims to declutter the Search Console toolbox. Think Marie Kondo, but for your SEO tools. This move promises a smoother and simpler user experience.

How Does It Benefit You?

Less complexity means less head-scratching for webmasters. Now, you can navigate the Search Console with ease, focusing on what truly matters for your site’s performance.

What’s Next?

Staying in Control

If you’re worried about Googlebot’s pace, fear not. There’s still a lifeline – the Googlebot report form. Feel free to drop Google a line if you’re experiencing any crawl rate conundrums.

Parting Words from Google

For the official word from Google and the nitty-gritty details, check out their announcement here.


So, there you have it – Google’s streamlining the game, saying goodbye to the Crawl Rate Limiter. It’s a change aimed at making your SEO life a tad simpler. As the digital landscape evolves, so does Google’s toolkit. Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, happy optimizing!