Kingdom of Sweets

Sweets & Chocolates
London, United Kingdom

The Challenge

The Kingdom of Sweet faced a multitude of challenges with their website—broken links, slow loading times, and inadequate traffic flow. These issues severely hampered their online presence and overall business growth. Recognizing my capabilities, my former colleague Mitesh entrusted me with the project, confident in my expertise.

The Solution

To overcome these hurdles, we initiated a comprehensive overhaul. We painstakingly reconstructed every page from scratch and chose WooCommerce as the platform for the website. In addition, we provided them with secure web hosting, ensuring a safe and protected online environment. Our services extended beyond the digital realm, encompassing their print design and labelling requirements.

The Impact

The outcome was transformative. Through the implementation of modern techniques and an enhanced UI/UX design, the website underwent a remarkable facelift. It emerged as a contemporary and user-friendly platform, optimized for both SEO and easy administration. The remarkable surge in website traffic led to significant business growth for the Kingdom of Sweet.

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