Internet Provider
London, United Kingdom

The Challenge

Telcom, a prominent UK company specialising in Hyper Fast business internet and connected building solutions, faced the challenge of launching their newly introduced Fibre Internet service in Manchester. They sought to establish a strong online presence, increase brand visibility, and capture the attention of potential business clients in a highly competitive market.

The Solution

To tackle Telcom's challenge, we devised a multifaceted strategy. Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive SEO analysis and implemented Local SEO techniques to enhance their online visibility within the Manchester region. Additionally, we orchestrated targeted Google Ads campaigns and leveraged LinkedIn for business promotion. To further engage the audience, we crafted compelling Meta Ads and developed impactful video advertisements.

The Impact

Our efforts yielded remarkable results. Telcom's Manchester campaign saw a substantial increase in brand recognition and customer engagement. The comprehensive digital marketing services we provided contributed to an impressive growth in website traffic and inquiries. As a result, Telcom successfully established itself as a leading provider of Fibre Internet services in the Manchester market, solidifying its reputation as a premier company in the UK.

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