Leasehold Valuation

Real Estate & Property
London, United Kingdom

The Challenge

Leasehold Valuation, a once-thriving luxury brand, faced a daunting challenge when their online sales started plummeting. Their website, once cutting-edge, had become outdated and clunky. On top of this, they were struggling to maintain visibility in the competitive online market.

The Solution

In response to Leasehold Valuation's struggles, we undertook a comprehensive rebranding effort. This included not only refreshing their visual identity but also crafting a compelling brand story. We completely overhauled their website, focusing on creating a more intuitive, customer-centric experience. Our team of SEO experts devised a strategy to improve their Google rankings, and we launched cost-effective PPC advertising campaigns to boost their online presence. Additionally, we took charge of their social media management to increase brand awareness and engage with their audience effectively.

The Impact

The results of our collaboration with Leasehold Valuation were nothing short of spectacular. Within a relatively short period, we managed to achieve a remarkable tenfold growth in their online sales. Their website, now modern and user-friendly, became a powerful sales tool. We successfully elevated their Google rankings, making them more visible to potential customers. Our carefully crafted PPC campaigns yielded a significant return on investment. Social media engagement surged, generating valuable leads and expanding Leasehold Valuation's brand presence. Today, they enjoy a robust online presence and continuous growth in their digital business.

Social Media Designs

Achievements Since Relaunch

10X More Web Traffic
Our digital services' effectiveness stands as a testament.
15X New Clients
Welcoming 15 new clients in the first three months after relaunch.
80%Boost in Inbound Leads
The powerful impact of our strategic improvements and efforts.

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